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Member Societies

The membership of the APSR consists of individuals who are appropriately qualified professionals presently working in research or health care related to the field of respirology. Membership also includes certain other societies, whose members have joined the APSR en bloc. Currently, the following have such en bloc membership:

(If your society would like to learn more about joining the APSR en bloc, please contact the Secretariat APSRinfo@theapsr.org.)

Membership Discounts

The APSR has a reciprocal arrangement with other societies whereby members who join more than one society can enjoy a discount on membership dues. Members who join one or more of the following societies enjoy 15% discount on membership dues of the APSR, and also 15% discount on membership dues of the other society / societies. Currently, the following are in this scheme:

Congresses and other events

An annual APSR Congress is held in a different location in the Asia-Pacific region each year and other local & international events are held from time to time. The APSR collaborates closely with the local society hosting these events.