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About this Website

This website is to promote the activities of the APSR, introduce the benefits of membership and its various publications. In addition, this website explains the purpose of the APSR, introduces its leadership and the Society's rules.

This website went live on 1 November 2006 with just 37 webpages, which grew to more than 1,000 pages over the next ten years when it was upgraded to accommodate mobile devices and members-only pages. The website is maintained by the APSR Secretariat office under the authority and direction of the Officers of the APSR.


All members are encouraged to submit or suggest material for publication on this website through the APSR Secretariat office, who will forward such material to the Officers of the APSR. Their decision whether or not to publish such material is final.

Contributors must state any potential for conflict of interest with any commercial interest or products that might affect the information being published on this website. In addition, contributors assign copyright to the APSR.

Material will be removed from this site when the APSR considers it is out of date or not appropriate. The APSR reserves the right to remove material at any time, without notifying contributors.

Please see also our copyright notice and Privacy Policy.

Comments or questions

The APSR welcomes comment about the content of this website. If you notice any erroneous information, typographical errors, or if you have any technical difficulties seeing this website with any browser or device, please contact the APSR Website Administrator, c/o APSR Secretariat office at APSRinfo@theapsr.org.