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Scientific and Clinical Assemblies

Within the APSR are scientific and clinical Assemblies, which you are cordially invited to participate in. You may join up to three Assemblies.

To join one (or more) Assemblies, please select your primary area of interest, plus (optionally) one or two additional areas.

Clinical Respiratory Medicine
Cell and Molecular Biology
Clinical Allergy and Immunology
Environmental & Occupational Health and Epidemiology
Respiratory Infections (non-tuberculous)
Lung Cancer
Respiratory Neurobiology and Sleep
Critical Care Medicine
Bronchoscopy and Interventional Techniques
Paediatric lung disease
Respiratory Structure and Function
Pulmonary Circulation
Interstitial Lung Disease

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General Respiratory Medicine
Thoracic Surgery
Paediatric Respirology
Sleep Medicine
Critical Care Medicine
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ATS and ERS members

Members of the American Thoracic Society or the European Respiratory Society, automatically qualify for a 15% reduction in APSR Membership dues.

ATS members

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I have applied to join the ATS and am awaiting my membership number.

ERS members

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I have applied to join the ERS and am awaiting my membership number.